Q. I placed an order at convention – when should I expect my pictures to arrive?
A. You should receive your pictures in about four (4) weeks following the end of your convention.
Q. What size photographs are available to order?
A. All pictures are 5 x 7 and professionally printed on high quality photo paper. 8 x 10 enlargements are also available - please call or email us for price information.
Q. Can I mail you my picture order?
A. Yes, we gladly accept mail orders. Here’s what to include:
Name and date of your convention
Your picture numbers
Your name and shipping address
Payment by check. (You will need to know the picture price from your convention. Please note, there is a $25 service charge on all returned checks.)
Please mail your completed order to:
  West Coast Photos
  Attn: Mail Order Processing
  PO Box 8991
  South Lake Tahoe, CA 96158
Orders received within 3 days following the end of convention will be processed with all orders taken at convention and will be delivered in 4 weeks.
For late mail-ins, please allow 8 – 10 weeks for delivery
Q. Are you available to photograph my convention?
A. Contact us with any pertinent information such as your group name, convention dates and location, expected attendance, and how best to reach you.
Q. Are my convention photos available to view online?
A. Sorry, not at this time. All pictures are on display for the entire duration of your convention and must be viewed at that time. If you are unable to place your order at convention, you will still need your numbers to mail in an order at a later time.
Q. I just found numbers from a past convention. How far back can I still order?
A. We archive your photos for about seven (7) years.
Q. I’d like to order a photo but I don’t have my number. What can I do?
A. Contact us via email with all the details: name of convention, what year, where it was held, your name, the subject of the photo, who was in the photo, what we’re you wearing, etc. While nothing is guaranteed, sometimes we are able to locate your picture! There is a $15 service charge for lost number lookups in addition to the picture price.
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